Evidence of Identity

Last night of the Year

Where the girls go drinking...

...Guys this is my recollection of events please edit as you see fit… GM_Shan.

The Girls, seeking some excitement on the eave of the new year head into Leedor on some R&R knowing their choices are the Space port bars or TAS they chose TAS for a much needed change of scenery.

While at TAS they meet the drunk Roget Bannerji who after tring to wine and dine the girls to his bed chamber ends up too drunk and calls it and evening. He unknowingly leaves his wallet behind. Much shopping and pampering ensues while ensconced in a TAS penthouse.

In the morning, upon waking Paeloe happens to notice an assault occurring across the way near the museum. Acting to intervene she uses the public access channels to voice-cast a cease and desist to the muggers [who are beating their victim with zap-batons???]. Using her comp to record the event it is somehow powered down in response to a virus it revives.

Das’ reports the assault to the authorities. Both girls then beat a hasty exit. They notice a military grade drone watching them. Its not from the police. Who’s it from?

They run [via cab] in the direction of the park and think about returning to the ship. A quick discusion with the Captain follows. Thinking better of running and in response to police prompts Paeloe and Das’ make their way to the Museum, submit to an interview and file a report with the authorities.

Meanwhile due to media and official all channels coverage of the event, the rest of the crew of the Ugly Bastard join the victim and the girls at the museum. Feeling bad for the poor sod, Zohn who fell prey to these professional scavengers, the Captain offers Zohn a job, if he can qualify.

Hearing about Zohns plight and his missing object, the crew head into the museum for a look at the object which has …apparently … caused so much trouble for Zohn.

After mysteriously convincing security to aid them, the crew get an audience with the Curator and an agreement to look over the broach. Realising they have already called much attention to themselves they decide its best to talk back on the Ship and leave.

Heading back to the ship, for Zohn’s try-out News flashes ripple across the cities holo-fields. The city is brought to a standstill, mass media transmissions are interrupted to report an incoming freighter The Mammoth a 5,000 ton freighter of the Hercules 8000 class belonging to Akerut Lines has missjumped into high orbit and has suffered a contingent major drive-systems failure. The city watches on as the ship suffers a catastrophic reentry. Considerable public interest in the event is in evidence, and many locals comment that nothing like this has ever happened before. The event is over in short order.

Looking around Paeloe discovers a Chirper nearby who tries to make friends, it bemoans the loss of its friends and family and talks briefly about its flight from Natoko and the black metal men. Avoiding coming entangled with the Chirper and its antics the crew …flee.

Arriving back at the ship the crew and Zhon discuss their options and continue with the normal operations of a trading vessel. And maybe a way to get back Zohn’s belongings…


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