Paelo Tan

A fresh faced young Pilot


Paelo Tan
8 9 9 A A 6 [A]

AGE: 26

SKILLS: Admin 0, Advocate 0, Astrogation 1, Comms 0, Computers 1, Deception 1, Drive [Wheeled] 0, Gun Cbt [Pistol] 1, Investigate 1, Language 0, Persuade 1, Pilot [Spacecraft] 1, Recon 0, Social Sciences 0, Streetwise 0, Vac-Suit 0

POWERS: Awareness 0, Clairvoyance 0, Telepathy 0

GEAR: 9mm Auto-Pistol & 3 clips, Chronometer, Green Overalls, Hipster Clothing & Shoes, Hair & Hygiene Products, Imperial UPP Idents, Imperial Handgun License, Stylish Comm, Hand Computer [Current Data sets – Vargr for Beginners, Advances in Astro-Calculus, Theory of Jump Mechanics, The Hull Breach Handbook]

WEALTH: 4 Ship Shares, loose change

A Picture of Paelo on Lablon in 1104


Paelo Tan stood out early as smarter than the average kid, as a promising student. A good talker and a good listener, almost by instinct she knew how to please people, her teachers and parents most of all. She was selected for a portside scholarship by a Danataga Lines, a corporate sponsor looking for recruits for their interstellar operations. Paelo completed her studies with unexpectedly average results in astrogation and piloting disappointing her parents and teachers no end. Many suspected a party problem, maybe drugs, perhaps involvement with a boy, criminal elements even were suggested after she was implicated in a raid on the portside training facility in which she was enrolled, she was freed without prosecution after assisting authorities with their investigations. Paelo took up a berth as a Co-Pilot on the Danataga lines Trade ship “Shikane” and after a few years of service, she mustered out her shares and tool to the the Marches looking for adventure.

The Untold story.
Paelo’s psychic talent was detected early by IIS agents from Department Ultra and she was offered a choice. Work for them or undergo psionic reconditioning & take Null for the rest of her life. Out of fear she chose the former. A scholarship was organised to a prestigious portside facility suspected of housing a hidden psion cell & Paelo was used as a lure to draw them out. She was to train as a pilot & navigator, but her real mission was to infiltrate this cell.

Paelo was approached by a young man Dan Bligh, a handsome young psion of moderate talent. Dan took her underwing and slowly introduced her to a number of other psions at the facility. Eventually she was able to identify two administrators [Harry Grynt & Rufuth Kardeetaler] and three support staff at the port [Reprecta Zond, Dan Bligh & Jenna Blake] who were running the port like it was their own personal shadow kingdom, manipulating here and here, taking graft from most of the smugglers, running some operations on their own. Paelo’s information was crucial to IIS:Ultra in the construction of plan of attack.

When the IIS Raid was finally conducted, all trace of the group was gone, computers, ships & equipment. All funds had been neatly & untracably transferred elsewhere. To the embarrassment of her superiors in IIS:Ultra the program Paelo was assigned to was scrapped and it’s records expunged to stifle a media disaster [& protect more important careers]. With her contract paid out, Paelo had enough money to allow the purchase a small share in a ship & get off world & away form the trouble that was bound to follow getting involved in psionic troubles of the Imperial IIS & the Grid.

Motivations: Adventure, wealth & trying to stay out of psion, IIS & Grid business.

Paelo Tan

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