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The Commonality of Kedzudh is a loose interstellar government in the Vargr Extents. The Kforuzeng corsair organization rose in power 61 years ago, several world governments united in an attempt to suppress the outbreak of piracy. One of the planets forming the Commonality is the world of Ksarueso, Zohn’s home planet. By the time Zohn came of age, the Kforuzeng corsair bands fleet numbered two dozen starships and operated as a short-term military force, hiring their services out to the highest bidder. When jobs were scarce, the Kforuzeng would raid unguarded worlds and shipping routes for loot. On one of these raids, Zohn was taken “press-ganged”. Desperate at his enslavement at first, Zohn eventually accepted his fate. Internal power struggles threatened to tear the Kforuzeng – which had always been Machiavellian- apart. But the band’s newest leader directed its resources toward planetary subjugation. A minority faction of the Kforuzeng feared the band’s actions would attract increased opposition from Kforuzeng enemies, as well as plenaty governments and empires, fearing this would herald the organization’s demise. The minority faction broke off from the Kforuzeng forming the Aegzaeng. Zohn found himself a member to this new splinter group. Weaker than the Kforuzeng, it’s fleet older and smaller the Aegzaeng is more oriented to smugelling than “space superiority”. However ties to the Kforuzeng have been maintained. Both bands, weakened by the separation, have found it mutually beneficial to perform operations in tandem. The nature of interstellar communication – that the speed of communication is dependent on the rate of transportation – poses a problem for any interstellar entity. Simple coordination of activity between the Kforuzeng and the Aegzaeng is a considerable obstacle. The Vargr answer to this problem has become a major industry – and a career choice of many Vargr within the Extents. “Envoys” are individual bargainers and arbitrators, employed by Vargr governments and other Vargr power structures. An envoy’s main service is maintaining swift, coordinated interstellar communication, similar in many ways to the Imperial scout service and its x-boat network. The other solution is science – from networking protocals, integration and systems linkage to new technology types. From amongst these ranks has one Vargr scientist Narlarggazhohee was notable. A gifted genius “Narlar” was renowned for her communication advances. After the Aegzaeng split from the Kforuzeng, Zohn was sent to Tsu Thoezhou (which, translated literally, means Honor Gate), the premier school for envoys in the Vargr Extents. He became a member of the Zhosokh Ursahrah (translated, means the “well-respected-wisdom”) and upon graduation, had his right ear elaborately pierced, as is the tradition of the brotherhood of professional envoys.

Zohn returned to the Aegzaeng beginning a career as envoy between the Aegzaeng and the Kforuzeng. It was upon his return he met Narlar and they began a romance. Narlar never talked about her work. Zohn watched as his former corsair organization rebuilt itself. Zohn witnessed Kforuzeng expansion policies turn from trade agreements to bloody planetary takeovers. A change in the Kforuzeng methods was evident in the bloody massacre of the Uekuez corsair band. All too quickly Zohn and Narlar become collateral damage in the Kforuzeng thirst for power. The Aegzaeng were somehow becoming as powerful as the Kforuzeng. It did not seem possible for a flea sized corsair band to be achieving what it was achieving. Seeding the Aegzaeng with spies the Kforuzeng determined the source of the Aegzaeng comparative advantage. Science. And a scientist known as Narlar. An extraction was planned and executed. In the aftermath of that extraction Narlar was dead, the Aegzaeng and Kforuzeng in a fully fledged war and Zohn was on the run form pursuing elements of the Aegzaeng, Kforuzeng and the Uekuez. He was unsure why he was pursued but narrowly escaped transportation back to Kforuzeng leadership by escaping his confinement and sabotaging his captor’s ship. Zohn managed to flee but his sabotage – which caused the ship to missjump left him with a fatal dose of radiation. Docking on a station in Rugbird Orbit, Zohn managed to use his connections, a good part of his capital [by hocking many positions], and his skills to purchase TAS membership, Naasirka stock, low berth passage, a full body augment and shipping for its cargo container and himself, all the way across most of Aramis sub-sector to Ledor, the capital city on the planet of Aramis, capital of the Subsector. Upon arriving on Aramis he exchanged his Naasirka stock with the director of medicine to use the discreet medical facilities of the local Naasirka medical and download facilities to assume a new body for his identity. He had planned to continue to head towards Capital on board a Vargr trade freighter. However seeing he was “Human” they put him into a portable low berth and accidently misplaced the berth in a spaceport warehouse. After which they apparently fenced his rifle, his blade, and his brooch (his last reminder of Narlar) which the fence subsequently pawned. Upon awaking he was a John Doe. Giving his name as Zohn to his rescuers he was taken into detention. Eventually cleared by Aramis Police and Imperial spaceport-officials, he was free to go. Within a few days, he found a short-term job ferrying cutters to Aramis orbit for Naasirka, and earned enough to live on. Seeing his goods in a spaceport pawnshop he redeemed his goods. However the brooch was gone. The proprietor explained that he handed it on to an associate an art dealer. A meeting with the art dealer determined where the brooch was sold: to the Aramis museum…. Points to Remember…
  • Zohn was a member of the Kforuzeng corsair band for many years. *The Kforuzeng raided his homeworld in the Vargr Extents and press-ganged him – “recruiting” him into their ranks. *Kforuzeng is the most powerful corsair band operating in this region of space. Operations span throughout the Firgr subsector and range into both the Commonality of Kedzudh and the Thoengling Empire. *Zohn broke from the Kforuzeng almost a decade ago and helped to form the Kforuz splinter group, the Aegzaeng.
*Ksarueso (Ku-sahroo-so) is Zohn’s homeworld. It is a member planet of the Commonality of Kedzudh (Ked-zuth) – one of the small broken kingdoms in the Vargr Extents. *The Commonality is a “new” Vargr kingdom (they’re always changing), just over 50 standard years old, created when several worlds banded together to fend off the growing Kforuzeng yoke. The Vargr state maintains close ties with one of the more powerful kingdoms in the Extents, the Thoengling Empire. *Astrographically, the Commonality of Kedzudh lies between the Imperium and the Thoengling Empire in the Vargr Extents.
  • Thoengling Empire (Tho- en-gal-ing) is one of the larger kingdoms in the Vargr Extents. It is more powerful and more stable than most of the Vargr states in this region of space, existing for over 300 years. *The Marquis of Aramis has recently made trade agreements with the Emperor of the Thoengling Empire, and these trade agreements have led to the establishment of Vargr Trade Stations on several worlds in the Aramis subsector. These same trade agreements have blocked the Navy’s effort to secure a price ceiling on lanthanum ore imported from the Extents *Gvegh-Aekhu (Ga-ve-gah—Ay-koo) is the Vargr term for the cultural region in this area of space. Vargr in the Spinward Marches and the immediate coreward region of the Vargr Extents tend to be a mix of the Gvegh race and the Aekhu race. *The word “Gvegh” (Ga-veck) translates as “tawny” or “light-brown,” and most Vargr of this racial breed tend to have coats colored that way. Aekhu (Ay-koo) translates as “black”, and most racially Aekhu Vargr tend to have darker coats. *Most Vargr names for specific Vargr races refer to color (similar to how humans refer to “black” or “white”). *Zohn is a Gvegh Vargr. His hair is “tawny or light brown”, and his native language is Gvegh. *Aegzaeng is the splinter group that Zohn helped form eight years ago.

Zhon Avaraganii

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