Bastian Reynolds


Name: Bastian Reynolds (AKA The Bloodhound)

Home World: MORA (AA99AC7–F)

Age: 34
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 90kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

SKILLS: Admin 1, Athletics 0, Computers 0, Deception 1, Drive (ATV) 0, Engineering (Psi) 1, Gun Combat (LP) 1, Investigation 2, Language 0, Melee (Blades) 1, Persuaded 1, Recon 1, Science (Psi) 1, Stealth 1, Streetwise 0, Steward 1, Trade 0.

TALENTS: Telepathy 2, Personal Enhancement 0, Telekinesis 0, Focus (custom) 3.

GEAR: Psi Enhancer +1 [implant], Laser Pistol, Stylish Comm, Hand Computer, Dagger, Psi Cutlass,


Even as a young teen, Bastian was always able to do things if it was really “needed” or locate that “missing” item. But it would be a few more years before he fully understood what he was truly doing, even if he suspected the horrible truth.

It was during the final year of school that Bastian was unknowingly tested by his Uni Professor, who was in fact an ULTRA informant. After graduation, Bastian was confronted by two ULTRA agents and offered the choice. Join ULTRA or take NULL for the rest of his life. For him the choice was simple, ULTRA offered freedom, security and a career. So he was taken to the IIS training facility and trained to be a Pursuit Agent or “Hound”. He was given advanced Psionic training to develop and enhance his unique Talents and was quickly promoted.

During an undercover assignment, Bastian was placed inside a Noble’s house as a steward, to investigate rumours of blackmail over a suspected latent psionic noble. He identified the latent psi as Davis Langdon (Les), and disposed of the blackmailer. Davis was “tagged” by Ultra and was encouraged to leave his house and title due to the scandal and the risk of exposure as a Psi.

Bastian continued to have a very successful career as a “Pursuit” Agent, earning himself the nickname “The Bloodhound” and was promoted to Executive Agent.

Bastians career took a turn for the bazaar when he was assigned to track down a suspected black market dealer trafficking in Psi tech. The dealer had obtained an “unknown” Psi weapon believed to be of Ancient origin which he intended to sell to the Zhodani. Bastian managed to track down the dealer to a remote location near an outlying Zhodani world. Bastian attempted to apprehend the suspect, but he wasn’t going to go quietly. The dealer threatened to activate the Ancient weapon, however Bastian managed to grapple the device from the dealer before this was possible.

Things got crazy from then on, Bastian was psionicly active at the time of grasping the device and it inadvertently activated the tech. Bastian’s mind exploded in a burst of psionic energy, seriously injuring Bastian and killing the black market dealer. Upon waking, Bastian found that he had been picked up by fellow ULTRA agents who had “heard” the psionic blast.

On a nearby IIS base Bastian was examined by a medical expert (Phil), and there was no evidence of trauma. However Bastian found that he now had access to Telekinesis. Research of the Ancient device found that it was not a weapon, but was in fact a psionic training device which was now inert and badly damaged. The current theory is that the device was intended to assist in the unlocking of latent psionic talents, but Bastian had inadvertently overloaded due to his strength and being fully psionicly active at the time of contact.

When Bastian returned to active duty he was promoted to Assistant Director of Ultra.

Three years later, Bastian went rogue and disappeared, leaving no trace of his identity.

Only three things are true about Bastian Reynolds, he’s a Man, his first name is Bastian and he works for ULTRA.

The rest is pure fabrication.

Bastian is not a “rogue” agent, he secretly transferred to “Special Branch”, a covert operation within IIS. Upon being promoted to Assistant Director of Ultra, Bastian was informed of a tightly kept secret; the mysterious “Hypotheticals”. Of course the only problems is that we know nothing about them, nor are we entirely sure they even exist!

So Bastian agreed to go deep undercover.

As a member of the crew of the “Ugly Bastard”, this places Bastian in a prime position to seek out traders in rogue Psi tech and look for leads on the mysterious “Hypotheticals”.

Bastian Reynolds

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