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Attitude to Psionics in the Imperium

in the universe of the Third Imperium a few humans – and other sophonts – have developed potent psionic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and even teleportation. In the Imperium, learning to harness this gift is a difficult process, made even harder by the Imperial ban on psionics. The psionics institutes that study mental powers have gone underground, following a disastrous attempt to guide human development centuries ago. In other civilisations, such as the Zhodani
Consulate, psionics are an accepted part of the human condition.


Psions are often viewed with fear and distrust. Psionic development is actively outlawed with known psions not just registered with the authorities but persecuted, exiled or interred (and usually subjected to psionic restraint so that their powers cannot be used).

Training psionic powers is therefore much more difficult to do. No university or official seat of learning will train in psionics. Underground psionics institutes still exist but working in
secret and with funding and equipment denied (not to mention the constant vigilance of the authorities), the quality and costs of study are high.

The Quality roll for the psionic institute is subject to a –2 DM. The costs for training are also increased by 20%, regardless of the quality of the establishment. Enrolment is the same but is a risky enterprise. Any character attempting to enrol in an underground psionic institute must throw Stealth or Deception 8+ to avoid arrest by the authorities. If arrested, then whatever punishment society enforces is brought to bear and the character cannot attempt to enrol again, within that society (being either monitored by the authorities or blackballed by the institute, which does not want to run the risk of discovery).

Therefor the only career options for psions are

  • Psion scholars
  • The dedicated Psion Agency – This is a branch of the Imperial Intelligence Service (IIS) known to the few aware of its existence only as “Ultra”.
  • Underground psion network – Known simply as “Grid” they are an underground self-help organisation. It is rumoured that “Grid” runs an underground rail road to Zodani space.
    It is also strongly believed that “Grid” is a Zodani secret army waiting for the right
    moment to strike.

House Rules

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