Note to the invited players: – this is a “My Traveller Universe” game that means it deviates from official traveller cannon on some points.

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The Pitch:

After an eminent career and everything you established, you lost it all – mainly by putting in on this shit-can, piece of junk, freighter.

Yeah lots of creds can be made in the Spinward Marches. Fuck – if its true, it aint happening in your part of the Marches.

But no way you’ll bend, no way you’ll give up on everything you believe and fought for. Or maybe thats all just a front and your running – god knows from what but if it catches you then the games up. So you’ll just keep plying the routes until you get that lucky break. That one cargo, job or deal that will pay off. Lord knows your pay offs due… aint it? Fuck Yeah! But will it be cool cash or laser-flash?

A Hard-boiled Traveller campaign set against the background of the Spinward Marches,
What makes this game Hard-Boiled

Milieu: The milieu for the game is “1105.”


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For this campaign, one consistent set of characters is a necessary part of the game.
Each player should begin by generating a Traveller character for use in the campaign. We will do this together as a group. The procedures for the generation of characters allows for the formation of a diverse band of adventurers. Normally, the divergent desires of any group of players will allow the creation of a troop which has many diverse and interesting skills and helpful backgrounds.

Campaign Skill Package: Each player takes it in turns to select one entry from the package. Keep going until all skills have been selected [i.e. put your name against it].
Pilot (any) 1, Sensors 1, Stealth 1, Deception 1, Persuade 1,
Streetwise 1, Broker 1, Medic 1.

Desirable Skills: In this campaign, almost any type of character will find it possible to strive and succeed. Nevertheless, some skills are more important than others. As a result, I recommend certain skills if the opportunity presents itself. Recommended skills include:
Starship Operation Skills: pilot, ship’s boat, steward, medical, and gunnery.
Vehicle Skills: preferably ATV or air/raft.
Personal Skills: vacc suit, streetwise, brawling, and a weapon. If necessary, I will give vacc-0 and carbine-0 to those who need it.
Desirable Background: Because previous experience is useful in meeting and dealing with people, it is recommended that the group have a representative from each of the six services to allow the possibility of striking up a friendship with potential patrons of the same service background.
Equipment: The group will be provided a ship and will be conducting merchant shipping operations initially. There is nothing in the “ships-locker”.

Also known as the Shit-Can and the “Ugly Bastard”


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